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Users are unable to run out reports due to them not being available in report manager. Users receive an error when opening or using Security Manager "Operation must use an updateable query."

If our metadata repository folder is created by an application running as Administrator (which our License Manager ALWAYS does), any application not running as Administrator (default for Report Manager and Connector) cannot write to the repository. If the user installs, selects the default Metadata path and then runs License Manager first - The problem will arise. Users who run Report Manager first won’t get the problem – even when running License Manager because Report Manager already created the repository as non admin.


Users cannot see reports they wish to run out "Operation must use an updateable query." error Licensing for Sage Intelligence behaves differently when modules are run as Administrator.


1. Close all Sage Intelligence modules.

2. Locate the default Metadata repository (Default directory- "C:\ProgramData\SageAlchemex\SageIntelligenceReporting").

3. Backup "alchemex.svd" (Default directory- "C:\ProgramData\SageAlchemex\SageIntelligenceReporting\MetaData").

4. Backup "Config.ini" (Default directory- "C:\ProgramData\SageAlchemex\SageIntelligenceReporting").

5. Delete the "SageAlchemex" folder and its subfolders from "C:\ProgramData".

6. Create the folder "SageAlchemex" in "C:\ProgramData".

7. Create the folder "SageIntelligenceReporting" in "C:\ProgramData\SageAlchemex".

8. Create the folder "MetaData" in "C:\ProgramData\SageAlchemex\SageIntelligenceReporting". This will result in the following folder structure "C:\ProgramData\SageAlchemex\SageIntelligenceReporting\MetaData" which is the same as the default MetaData directory however this is created without elevated permissions.

9. Restore "alchemex.svd" (Default directory- "C:\ProgramData\SageAlchemex\SageIntelligenceReporting\MetaData").

10. Restore "Config.ini" (Default directory- "C:\ProgramData\SageAlchemex\SageIntelligenceReporting").

If you are still unable to see the reports you wish to run, try the following:

11. Navigate to "C:\Users\[USERNAME]\AppData\Local\VirtualStore\ProgramData\SageAlchemex\SageIntelligenceReporting\MetaData".

12. Backup and cut "alchemex.svd" from "C:\Users\[USERNAME]\AppData\Local\VirtualStore\ProgramData\SageAlchemex\SageIntelligenceReporting\MetaData"

13. Follow steps 5 to 9 above.


Windows 10 installations where License Manager is the first Sage Intelligence module run.