Task Pane missing in a Report Designer Add-in report when using Excel 2013 in Sage 100 Intelligence 2013

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Sage 100 ERP 2013


Task Pane is missing only on the 2nd RDA report if another Report Designer add-in report is already opened in Excel 2013 using Sage Intelligence 2013


Please do the following to resolve:

Please Login to Sage 100 ERP Download Portal to find latest Hot fixes and product updates.

  • KB 39159

NOTE: This hot fix only resolves issue occurring on Sage Intelligence version 2013 (5.0) and using Excel 2013 ONLY.

  • Exit out of Excel
  • Exit out of Report Manager
  • Download & Save the attached Hot Fix to the desktop of the machine that is having the issue
  • On the desktop, right click on the SageIntelligenceHotfix20374.exe file and select to Run as Administrator
  • Note: Repeat steps above on each machine that uses Sage Intelligence 2013(5.0) and is using Excel 2013.





Sage 100 ERP

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