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Unable to run reports on SQL server on frenchUnable to run reports using OLEDB driver for Visual FoxPro connectionUnable to save Distribution Instructions
Unable to set the interactive property of the Application classUnderstanding the Alchemex Components to aid Software Conflict ResolutionUninstalling Alchemex Request Server
Uninstalling Alchemex Web ApplicationUpdating Alchemex Step by StepUpdating existing reports to use Accpac 5.5 containers.
Upgrading Sybiz BIC Management Packs from v2-3 to v3-0Upgrading Sybiz BIC Purchase Master from v2-0 to v3-0Upgrading Sybiz BIC Sales Master from v2-1 to v3-0
Use of Aggregate Function.User is getting an “out of memory” error when running both the canned Dashboard report and the Canned Sales reportsUser running a Report Designer Add-In report that pulls statistical quantity and some accounts reflect and some do not.
Users are getting a logon failed error when trying to log in to Report Manager using any username that contains a (-)Users are receiving an error when viewing the Income vs Expenses Graphs 2-6(Evo) Report.Users are receiving the error “An unexpected error occurred: An item with the same key has already been added.
Users getting an error when generating a Consol Report Designer Add-In for the ABC/ABX database and any other company.Users getting the following error when opening Report Manager:Users who are attempting to connect to multiple servers using the same username at the same time are receiving the error
Using Excel Formulae in Data ExpressionsUsing Wildcards in Sage IntelligenceUsing an Excel Workbook as a Data Source
Using the Integrated Management Pack “Type D” Drill-downVIP BIM Consultant ToolVersion 11 of Excel does not support files of type
Very large Excel Templates and Excel Workbooks when using pivot tables with "Save Data with Table Layout" option on.Viewing the SQL code passed by Alchemex to the ODBC DriverWEB REPORTING MODULE IS NOT REGISTERED OR DATABASE NAME IS INCORRECT
Web Reporting Security Manager ErrorWhen Drilling down to Transaction level the drilldown will display blank amounts.When attempting to drill down on Financial Trend Analysis and Dashboard, received automation error
When attempting to run any report found in report manager for Sage Intelligence Financial Reporting for x3 on an Oracle database the user gets a “BICORE HAS STOPPED WORKING ERROR.”When attempting to schedule a report on Sage 100 and Sage 300 , users are receiving the error messageWhen copying the mappings from a working set to another, not all mappings are copied over
When the user runs any Financial Reports, the BI Tools cannot be loaded.When viewing the Finacial Report Designer 1-0 (Evo) report with Microsoft Office 2013 the amounts and totals do not display.When viewing the Purchase Master 4-2 (EVO) Report if selecting the Option to Post project per line within Evolution, the project details do not display when viewing the report.
When viewing the Sales Master 4-5 (EVO) Report inventory items which are inactive do not display on the reportWhen viewing the Sales Master 4-5 (EVO) Report the on hold, customer account does not display.When viewing the Sales Master 4-5 (EVO) report the linked customer account does not display
When you select a course, its says that you are not enrolled or asks for an Enrollment KeyWindows 10 Metadata directory accessWorking with PR1 files
X3 Data not rendered to Sheet 1X3 Errors on V7X3 Security Manager roles issue
You are trying to run Alchemex in the Mode Administrator Tool.You are trying to run Alchemex in the Mode Administrator Tool.This workstation however has only been authorised to run in Mode Report Manager RMG.Please contact your Administrator to rectify the problem.You cannot access Administrator Tool with-Please upgrade to to use this feature-error occurring when attempting to access the Alchemex Administrator Tool
Zero amounts for all accountsZero amounts showing in Report Designer for account character chart of accounts“My dashboard” report is not showing.
“The Specified File Format is Unknown” error occurs when running a report