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All pages | Previous page ("Error" Impicit Conversion from data type date time to int is not allowed. Use the CONVERT function to run this query)
"Error" Impicit Conversion from data type date time to int is not allowed. Use the CONVERT function to run this query"Error" Missing Resource: LABEL HOMEPANE MENUOPTION FINANCIAL"Error" Unable to get the Add property of Workbooks class
"Error "Outlook not a default mail client"There was an error in the Pervasive OBDC layer. Error returned was 'named database already exists on server''Drill Down' task is missing when trying to drilldown on an Account in Report Designer Add-In
'ERROR" Method '~' of object '~' failed'FROM' error when trying to convert General Ledger Transaction 2-1 report from Providex to error when opening reporting trees from report designer
ALCHEMEX FOR SAGE LINE 50 DOES NOT ALLOW YOU TO SELECT THE APPLICATION VERSIONAUTO CONNECTION ISSUEA Machine date discontinuity has invalidated serialisation details.You will need to re-serialise Alchemex.Please contact your administrator to perform re-serialisation
A Sales by Customer Business Type Area Report Pulls through incorrect transactions for customers which should not exist.About Alchemex Web SolutionAccess Control in BIM
Account Description or Structure formula (Sage 300) the format defaults to TEXTAccount Exclusions with Sage IntelligenceAccount number not formatted correctly in all data sheets where account number is used
Account number not pulling through on the look up sheetAccount numbers appear as dates in Sage 100 Intelligence drill down reportActuals Formula not bringing through values
Add-In Tab missingAdd Accounts not responding when Excel on second monitorAdd Categories in Sales Report
Add Dataless ReportAdd property of workbook class failedAdding my own defined System Variables
Adding new Accounts in MYOBAggregate FilterAlchemex 6.x Installation Best Practices
Alchemex Academy: Excel file opens in your web browserAlchemex Academy: Graphics not showing on the websiteAlchemex Academy: Nothing happens when you click on the Excel file to download
Alchemex Academy: Problems downloading your certificateAlchemex Academy: Viewing answers to Assessment questionsAlchemex Academy FAQ
Alchemex Add In FunctionalityAlchemex FA ErrorAlchemex Graphical Joins (Joining Tables)
Alchemex Installation(Server)Alchemex Installation made simpleAlchemex Management Pack
Alchemex SerializationAlchemex Version 7 “Get Software Updates” option not availableAlchemex Web Reporting User Guide
Alchemex Web Solution Common Q&AAlchemex add-ins missing from the toolbar in ExcelAlchemex and Sage Accpac Intelligence
Alchemex for Accpac for MYOB Generic Connector TypeAll available reports are not shown or missing in report viewer
Amounts not showing in report layoutsAn overview of the Report Creation ProcessAn unexpected error occurred: unable to create specified activex control
An unknown error status is returned after upgrading to Pervasive SQL version 9.Any formating done on a report will not retain after the user does a ‘create and link template’ or with the latest version ‘save excel template’.Any formating done on a report will not retain if done on sheet 1
Application defined or object defined errorAuto Connect InformationAuto connect popup appears while starting any Sage Intelligence Reporting modules
Automatically Running MacrosAutomation error ClassFactory cannot supply requestedBICore has stopped working” error.
BI GENERATOR HAS STOPPED WORKINGBI Generator / BI Tools missing in excel in a Terminal Server environmentBI Generator Add-in missing in excel advanced options
BI Report Distribution by mail failsBI Sign on has stopped workingBI Tools Tab Missing in Excel
BI Tools Tab Missing in Excel Doc 2BUDGET YTD 10 EXPRESSION ISSUEBackup & Restore Alchemex
Best Practices on Alchemex Report WritingBlocked accounts result in formulas returning an Object reference error due to blank rows in dataBudget values not showing on standard DashBoard - Customers & Products 5-1(Evo)
Canned reports are pulling data for a company that does not exist in Sage 100 and is not found in the tenant cacheCannot find database dictionaryChange Container ID
Change Month Add-In is MissingChange Month Add InClass factory cannot supply requested class
Clear lookup sheetCloud Troubleshooting - Data Load issueCompact Metadata Functionality
Company Name showing up twice on the Report Designer Add-In report causing error with the data in the reportConfiguring Dynamic Drill-DownsConnecting Alchemex to Accpac via ODBC
Connecting Alchemex to Pastel via ODBCConnecting Alchemex to Sage Line50 via ODBCConnecting to Peachtree Data
Connecting to Pervasive SQL databasesConnection attempt timed out. The SQL Connection Manager may be inactive or using a different transport protocol from the clientConsol. Report Designer Add-in by Natural Account comes up with zero value
Consolidated Report Designer Add-in (RDA) does not consolidateConversion failed when converting the nvarchar value to Data type intCorflags
Create Path from Report Manager to read ODBC SQL database in Admin ManagerCreating Excel Formulae in your ReportCreating a Pervasive ODBC Connection for Files on a Server
Creating a Report Performance Profile FileCreating a Report Shortcut in Alchemex 7Creating a connection for use on an MS SQL database
Creating and linking a reportCustomising Management PacksDISTRIBUTION TOOL DOES NOT SUPPORT MACRO ENABLED FILES IN SAGE 100 4.5
Data provider or other service returned an E FAIL statusData source name not foundData source name not found and no default driver specified
Database Consolidation List doesn’t show after importing consolidation reportDates in Excel are formatting as numbers rather than as datesDelaying Recalculation
Destination reference error when creating a Pivot tableDialogue box prompt for connection detailsDisk or Network error
Distribution Instruction window the OK button overlapsDistribution error: Object reference not set to an instance of an objectDistribution issues when using filters in Sage 100 Intelligence reports
Does the Intelligence Reporting connector allow me to query multiple companies?Dongle size does not matchDouble lines in the sales report "Sales Master AR 3-5 (AE-SQL)" Intelligence reporting
Drill Down ProblemDrill Down Problem on Report DesignerDrill down report doesn’t export to an excel workbook
Drilldown on a specific budget includes amounts from other budget sets also.Drilldown will not balance using complex calculation formula on an accountDuplicated companies or fiscal years on Sage Intelligence reports
Duplication of Amounts on Report Designer AddIn ReportsERROR: "An error occurred trying to refresh Excel’s link to its installed Add-Ins."ERROR: Authorisation Failed please check that your password is correct..
ERROR: Simply Accounting – Company Dashboard (2-3) Report A “Select method of worksheet class failed” error occurs when running the Company Dashboard (2-3) report in Simply Accounting IntelligenceERROR: Simply Accounting – Company Dashboard (2-3) Report A “Select method of worksheet class failed” error occurs when running the Company Dashboard (2-3) report in Simply Accounting Intelligence.ERROR 1603
ERROR RUNNING FINANCIAL REPORT DESIGNERERROR Report designer license requiredEither BOF or EOF is true, or the current record has been deleted
Enable or Disable the Windows 7 Administrator AccountError:Application-defined or object-defined error occurring in Data Out phase when running a report in Alchemex.Error:Create and Link dialog Box not seeing open Excel workbook.
Error:HTTP 500.100 – Internal Server Error – ASP error Internet Information Services occurring when running the Web SolutionError:Method ‘Value’ of object ‘Range’ failedError:Object reference not set to an instance of an object
Error:The page cannot be displayed occurring when running the Web SolutionError:Transoft TSENG32 Unable to open file: EMP INFO FIXED.Error: "
Error: "462 The remote server machine does not exist or is not available"Error: "An unexpected error occurred: Exception has been thrown by the target of an invocation"Error: "Authentication with update server failed." message occurring when trying to download a report from the Pastel Partner 2005 BIC Community
Error: "Cannot run the macro 'mnu ShowTaskPane'. The macro may not be available in this workbook or all macros may be disabled."Error: "Could not find the associated application for file type htm Source : GetAssosciatedEXE" occurring when try to preview a report in the CommunityError: "Data Record manager, Rqeuired information for binding rule is missing"
Error: "Incorrect number of decimal places" On Sage Intelligence Report Designer ReportError: "Invalid Authorization Specification" when trying to drilldown to transaction levelError: "Invalid SQL Query"
Error: "No Data" erroneously reported for Transoft Data where the IFNULL function has been used in SQL ExpressionsError: "ODBC SQL Server Driver DBNETLIB ConnectionOpen (Connect()). ODBC SQL Server Driver DBNETLIB SQL Server does not exist or access deniedError: "Object reference not set to an instance of an object"
Error: "Object reference not set to an instance of an object." When running Report Designer Add-in (RDA)Error: "Permission / Access denied" Opening Sage Intelligence modulesError: "Please launch the Pastel Business Intelligence Centre from within Evolution." When running a Report Shortcut (PR1 file) for the Evolution BIC.
Error: "Report Designer component is required by this report and is not installed on this workstation"Error: "Report Execution Error : ERROR S0000 ProvideX ODBC Driver FILEIO Table is not accessible Number : -2146232009Error: "Report designer license required" Error occurs while running Sage Intellgence in Sage 300 ERP"
Error: "Run Time Error '-2147024769 (8007007f)': Method '~' of object '~' failed." occurring when launching AlchemexError: "Sage Intelligence Report manager Object and Properties window overlap"Error: "ServerPath not set by EXE file" occurs when updating software
Error: "The Page Cannot be Found”Error: "The file name, directory name, or volume label is invalid”Error: "The files for installation requirement Microsoft SQL CE 3.5 SP2 could not be found...."
Error: "Year, Month, and Day parameters describe an un-representable DateTime" testing a graphical join in ConnectorError: "You have reached your Sage ERP MAS 500 license limit of xxx concurrent users."Error: "has been invalidated. A Hack alert has been raised. cannot continue to function without a valid license.
Error: "providex ODBC driver PVKIO logon failed" SQL state=S0000 please check with the administrator that the connection information configured for this data container is valid." running Premium version of Sage 100 IntelligenceError: 'Object reference not set to an instance of an object' on the Report Designer Add-in reportError: 'Subscript out of range' error occuring when drilling down on a account in the Management Pack Drill Down
Error: 'Subscript out of range' error occurring when trying to access the Database Manger for Pervasive SQL or when selecting a Pervasive Database Name for a Connection.Error: -2147217900 - Unknown "This error occurs when the MSJTES40.DLL becomes corrupt, damaged or unregistered.Error: -2147467259 Operation must use an updateable query
Error: 126 & 127 VIP BIMError: 127 – TSAC32.DLLError: 161: The maximum number of user count licenses has been reached
Error: 18452 Login failed for user ‘(null)’. The user is not associated with a trusted SQL Server connection.Error: 429 ActiveX control can't create objectError: 429 It was not possible to run an object (PLINOUT.PLExpand).It is possible that certain libraries are missing on this workstation.The error returned was ActiveX component can’t create object
Error: 76 & 52 - Cannot create file ages\bis22.Error: ACCPAC – Management Pack TemplatesError: Accounts and values showing twice when running Income Statements from Management Pack D-2-0 for Pastel Partner 2005 BIC
Error: Accpac 5.6 – Consolidated Financials S-3-0 (AE-PVS) fails to run when one of the company/databases have no transactions posted.Error: Accpac 5.6 – Consolidated Financials S-3-0 (AE-SQL) fails to run when one of the company/databases have no transactions posted.Error: Accpac 5.6 – Dashboard Analysis 3-0 (AE-PVS) does not display Other Income.
Error: Accpac 5.6 – Dashboard Analysis 3-1 (AE-SQL) does not display Other Income.Error: Accpac – All Financial Reports – (PVS) Lookup fails when using the GROUPCODE or GROUPTYPE expressionError: Accpac – All Financial Reports – (SQL) Lookup fails when using the GROUPCODE or GROUPTYPE expression
Error: Accpac – Dashboard Analysis 3-1 (AE-PVS) Incorrect calculationsError: Accpac – Dashboard Analysis 3-1 (AE-SQL) Incorrect calculationsError: Accpac – Financial Reports Designer – (PVS) and Consol Financial Reports Designer (PVS) Ledger account segment descriptions are not on the report
Error: An error has occurred while attempting to run the macro ExcelGenieAlchemexAddin.Custom.FinaliseRETINC()Error: An error occurred while attempting to add a named range. The error was Application-defined or Object-defined error.RANGE NAME:Error: Application-defined or Object-defined Error
Error: Application-defined or object-defined errorError: BIC – Sales report – Does not print quantities for service itemsError: Balance sheet does not balance with more than one Retained Income account – “R”
Error: Can't create ActiveX object.Error: Cannot access BIM reports when using an ACCUTHIN runtime.Error: Cannot create\open drive H:\...*.
Error: Cannot see all data containers.Error: Class does not support Automation or does not support expected interfac Licence ManagerError: Class does not support Automation or does not support expected interface
Error: Class does not support Automation or does not support expected interface. when using report parameter lookupsError: Container Protection in Pastel Partner BIC not WorkingError: Could not create the directory
Error: Could not use "; file already in useError: Data provider or other service returned an E FAIL statusError: Database Name disappears in Object Window when adding new Database Name
Error: Error 7 : Out of Memory Occurring when importing or exporting a report.Error: Error Number : 75Error: Excel Genie Graphics not displaying
Error: Excel row limit being incorrectly reported for Union ReportsError: Export Failed: Invalid File NameError: Export failed due to an unexpected error.
Error: Export failed due to unexpected error.Error: FILE: \\Share\Projback\PRE STATUS: 35, 00 File not found on Drive (Open)…*.Error: Financial Report Designer - "Incorrect Input Character"
Error: It Was Not Possible To Create the object Wscript.shellError: It was not possible to run an object (PLUPDATE.Master). It is possible that certain libraries are missing on this workstation.Error: Item cannot be found in the collection corresponding to the requested name or ordinal
Error: MDAC 2.7 Sp1 cannot be installed on this machine.Error: MS SQL Server Login for user ‘sa’ failed when attempting to run a PR1 report on a PR1 Viewer machineError: MYOB EXO – Sales Master Reports 2-3 (ME62) Invoice Lines Duplication
Error: Microsoft Office Customization InstallerError: Microsoft Office Customization Installer in Sage ERP MASError: Microsoft Office Customization Installer in Softline Pastel Evolution
Error: Myob Exonet – Financial Report Designer 2-5(ME62)Error: Name Ranging not working properly with Union ReportsError: Named Ranges and Excel Formulae not working in raw data sheets where the sheet name includes a space character
Error: Not AvailableError: Not Available in Pastel EvolutionError: Not Available in Visual Foxpro 9 OLEDB
Error: Number -1147181502 Could not find - file UnknownError: ODBC Drivers not installed when trying to access the BIM.Error: OLE DB error: OLE DB or ODBC error -2147467259 when executing a cube in the OLAP Manager
Error: Page Cannot be Displayed - Error Type: "Invalid Class String"Error: Pass Through Parameter(s) not always workingError: Pastel Business Intelligence Centre FA Error
Error: Pastel Evolution 6.5 Sales Master 3-5 Container Expression UpdatesError: Pastel Evolution BIC PR1s failing if dash characters in nameError: Pastel Evolution – DashBoard - Products 3-5 (Evo) Report and DashBoard - Customers 3-5 (Evo) Report
Error: Pastel Partner – Dashboard Analysis 2-5 (P v11) ReportError: Pastel Partner – Purchase Master 2-0 (P v11) ReportError: Pastel Partner – Sales Master 2-1 (P v11) Report
Error: Path to "RKL Trading" Demodata company being incorrectly set at installation of Partner BICError: Pervasive-ODBC Client Interface-LNA-Pervasive-ODBC Engine Interface-Data Record Manager-The Btrieve file directory is invalid (Btrieve Error 35)Error: Pervasive-ODBC Engine Interface-Data Record Manager The key number parameter is invalid(Btrieve Error 6)
Error: Pervasive - ODBC Client Interface - LNA - Pervasive - ODBC Engine Interface - S1T00 Timeout expired.Error: Pervasive Engine Interface or Client Interface drivers listed in ODBC with no version number.Error: Pervasive Software ODBC-32 has 'Not Marked' for driver version number in ODBC Setup.
Error: Pervasive error: Specified driver could not be loaded due to system error 1114 (Pervasive ODBC Client Interface). (160)Error: Problem Rendering Data into Excel. Operation is not allowed when the object is closedError: Report Execution Error when running against a Pervasive database
Error: Run-time error '91' : Object variable or With Block variable not setError: Run Time Error 3706Error: Runtime error 13 – Unexpected error occurred – Type Mismatch.
Error: Sage Accpac - Sales Master 3-0 PVS and SQLError: Sage MAS90 –Dashboard Analysis 2-0 (MAS) report returns NAError: Sage MAS90 – Financial Trend Analysis 2-0 (MAS) Report Financial Trend Analysis 2-0 (MAS) the Date Lookup worksheet is displaying the incorrect years - 1900 & 1899
Error: Sage MAS 500 – Financial Reports 2-0 (MAS 500) ReportError: Sage X3 v5 – Management Pack Date issueError: Specified driver could not be loaded due to system error 126 (Pervasive ODBC Client Interface)
Error: Stored Procedures - Supported Database SystemsError: Subscript out of range occurring when running a Management Pack report.Error: Sybiz - Dashboard Reports 3-3 (SV5) Data provider or other service returned an E FAIL status
Error: Sybiz - Sales Master 3-9 (SV5)Error: Sybiz – Management Pack D & S 3-6 (SV5)Error: The Alchemex Enabling Dongle on this Workstation has expired and Alchemex will not function until a new one is installed.
Error: The Free Trial Period has been invalidated, The application cannot continue to function without a valid licenseError: The Sage Intelligence Report Designer Add-In is not respondingError: The Serial number does not check out correctly
Error: The Update Server returned an error. It may be that the server is experiencing problems.Error: The Value 'YES' is invalid for the Data Type of the field 'Sales Order Closed?'Error: The core Alchemex Library PLLIB.DLL is not registered on this workstation.
Error: The key number parameter is invalid(Btrieve Error 6)Error: Timeout settings for Containers and Connections not working when within the Administrator ToolError: True account quantity not showing on Report Designer Add-in Report / Financial Report designer
Error: Unable to get Add property of Workbook class occurring after upgrading to Excel 2007Error: Unable to get Open property of the Workbook classError: Unexpected error; quitting when running PLMAINT.exe
Error: Unexpected error trying to check library registration.Error: Union reports importing but incorrectly losing names of the child reports belonging to the Union Report.Error: User Name and Password not being accepted when connecting to a Pervasive database where Pervasive is installed on a Linux operating system
Error: VIPBIM Runtime has encountered a problem and needs to close.Error: VIP BIM not picking up whether the VIPGT ODBC driver is installedError: VIP says that your VIP ODBC drivers have not been installed when attempting to access BIM.
Error: Variable uses an Automation type not supported in Visual Basic.Error: When more than one BIC module open the group incorrectly displays as "Alchemex"Error: You do not have sufficient Registry Windows permissions to utilize the Free Trial period of AlchemexVIP. Read from Registry Key: HKey Local Machines\Software\AlchemexVIP
Error: “Invalid Authorization Specification" when trying to drilldown to Transaction levelError "alchemexpolicy.exe is not marked for installation" occurs during installation of Sage 100 IntelligenceError 1001
Error 1330. A file that is required cannot be installed because the cabinet file has an invalid digital signature. This may indicate that the cabinet file is corrupt.Error 1606: Could not access network location \ASP.NETClientFiles\.Error 1714 The older version of Alhemex for Accpac cannot be removed. Contact your technical support group.
Error 52: Can not copy or Paste reports within Alchemex Report ManagerError 6 Over flowError : Could not load file or assembly 'ADODB, Version=7.0.3300.0, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=b03f5f7f11d50a3a' or one of its dependencies
Error Generating Layout in Report DesignerError Number2147217887 Description Multiple-step operation generated errors. Check each status value. Source Microsoft Cursor EngineError Number:1004
Error Number 50290Error ODBC SQL Server Driver - Login failedError Sybiz - Dashboard & Sales Master Reports 3-7 (SV5)
Error Sybiz – Sales Master Reports 3-8 (SV5)Error displayed when running a Power View ReportError in loading DLL on Sage Pastel
Error message when you click buttons for macros in the Excel 2007 Quick Access Toolbar: "Cannot run the macro"Error message when you visit a Web site that is hosted on IIS 7.0: "HTTP Error 500.19 – Internal Server Error"Error number: 13 Type mismatch Source: BICPartner2007 occurring when opening Pastel on a Windows Vista operating system even though BIC is not registered
Error number 438 object doesnt support this property or methodError occurred during email publish in Distribution instructionError opening Report Manager
Error reading setup initialization fileError when DistributingError when dragging formulas from the task pane.
Error when launching Report ManagerError “-2146233088, Invalid SQL query near NOT LikeError “This user is not authorised to use this method” when logging into Sage One Intelligence Reporting.
Error “Unable to create specified activex object” in Report manager on a windows 8 environmentEvolution & Partner Report Designer issueEvolution Branch Code