Setting Access Permissions for the BIC Module

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In this section,we look at how you control access to the information in your company,and how you control what users can access in the BIC module.

Access security is a vital aspect of your business processing.

You need to ensure that you allow access to your system only by persons you authorise.

You should also restrict which areas of the system each user can access.

There are two functions for this purpose:

•User groups allow you to assign access security on a group basis.

The system creates standard user groups, some of which you can modify.

You can also create your own users groups.

•You then create individual users.

These users each have their own unique password.

You can link a user to a user group, in which case they follow that user group’s access security rules.

Alternatively, you can set up specific security rules per user.

When you do this, you can copy the settings from an existing user group or user, and then modify the settings.

Note that adjusting a user’s specific settings breaks the link between the user and a user group.

Report Writing

BIC Module and Report Access

To set up BIC access permissions you use the same procedure as when you set up access to menu options, other modules, process options etc in Pastel.

1.Select Setup on the Menu Bar

2.Users/ Passwords

3.Users [[File:BIC Module 1.JPG|thumb|center|BIC Module and Report Access|700px] 4.Enter a password if required.

5.Setup Users screen will open

BIC Module and Report Access

6.Assign User and User group where appropriate. (User1)

7.Then select the BIC Access for User 1 button.

BIC Module and Report Access

8.Check a function to allow access, and uncheck a function to disallow access.

You can use the Select All and De-Select All buttons to check or uncheck each option, after which you can edit the options.

9.Select OK to save User Access to BIC reports.