Reporting trees hang when managing or editing in Report Designer Add-in

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When generating a report and managing exisiting trees when pulling up trees with larger amounts of units it can time 2 – 6 minutes for the tree to display on the screen and several more minutes to be able to click anywhere on the tree and edit.


Sage engineering is currently reviewing this issue.

Please see additional information section below for a possible workaround.

Additional Information

Possible Workaround:

  • If they have Excel 32bit then goto c:\Program Files\Common Files\BIExcelFunctions\32bit
  • If they have Excel 64bit then goto c:\Program Files\Common Files\BIExcelFunctions\64bit
  • Rename Sage.BI.ExcelFunctions.UI.dll file to .OLD
  • Download & save the attached Sage.BI.ExcelFunctions.UI.dll file to your desktop
  • Copy the downloaded Sage.BI.ExcelFunctions.UI.dll file to the folder in step 1
  • Note: This will need to be done on each workstation that has Sage 100 Intelligence installed.

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  • KB 51486


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