Report Utility SVD Error - SI Repository will need to be specified

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Sage 100 Evolution 7.2\Sage Evolution


Client experiences an error when trying to install\run the report utility(additional reports) and the SVD path is not in the default install location.


Evolution 100.jpg


If you had installed Sage Intelligence to a different path that the default location, the report utility will not be able to find the new SVD path. The report utilty looks for the SVD in the default location. You need to cick ok on the above error and a box called Browse to SI Repository Folder will open(see below). Navigate to your SVD location and then click ok(see NB below). Therafter the Report Utility will launch.

Report Utility browse.png

NB:You can find your current SVD path by opening Report Manager. Then click on the Home node on the left. Then under properties you will see your metadata(SVD) path.