Report Execution Error Pastel Xpress Version 18

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You will experience a Report Execution error when running reports from report manager. The reason that these reports run into errors is that the “auto connect” feature is checked for our demo DataBase.

Report error execution.png


Launch the Connector. Then you need to expand the enterprise tree on the left column. Look for a subtree called ODBC Driver for Access. Double click on it to expand the tree. You will then see the connection name called RKL Trading Demo. Click on RKL Trading Demo to open the properties for the connection. On the right hand side of the screen you will see a check box for Use Auto Connection System. By default this is activated with a tick switched on. You would need to remove the tick by clicking once on the tick. Tehn you can click the the apply button on the extreme right to save the change. Then you can close the connector. Launch report manager and run out your reports as normal. The error should not appear any longer.

Connector setting before change:


Connector setting after change: