Problem: Installing Alchemex on Windows Vista

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Problem: Installing Alchemex on Windows Vista


Below are some examples of the errors/problems you may encounter:

  • “Publisher could not be verified” during installation
  • “An unidentified program wants access to your computer” during installation
  • “Unexpected error; quitting” during installation
  • “Error 75 Path/File Access Error” when launching Administrator
  • “Error number 13 Type mismatch” when launching any Alchemex module


  • These problems/errors may occur on Windows Vista due to the new User Account Control (UAC) security paradigm implemented in the operating system.
These issues occur when running the installation or the software as a Standard User.
To work around these issues you may choose to either turn UAC(User Account Control) off or to run the program as an Administrator.
Please see the articles “How to disable UAC” and “How to Run as Administrator in Windows Vista”. 

For further information on Windows Vista UAC and File Virtualization, please see the article “Understanding Windows Vista UAC and File Virtualization”.


When the message stating that the publisher could not be verified appears, click Run to continue the installation. When the UAC message appears stating that an unidentified program want access to your computer, click Allow. You may also receive an “unexpected error; quitting” message during the installation. Click Ok to proceed.

When you launch any of the Alchemex modules, you may encounter error 75 [Path/File Access Error] and error 13 [Type Mismatch].

These are a result of access denial due to Vista’s file virtualization (see Understanding Windows Vista UAC and File Virtualization ). 

To work around these issues, you need to elevate the security level so that the program is run as an Administrator.

There are two methods of achieving this…

The first is to right-click Report Manager, then select Run as Administrator. UAC may tell you that “An unidentified program is trying to access your computer” again, click Allow. Alchemex should then open correctly.

The second option is to set Alchemex to always run as an Administrator. To do this, right-click Report Manager, then select Properties. Click the Compatibility tab. In the Privilege section select Run this program as an Administrator and apply the change. You may once again receive the UAC message that an unidentified program is trying to access your computer. Click Allow. Now each time you run Alchemex it will automatically be elevated to run as an Administrator.

  • When uninstalling, you may also have to Allow the uninstall operation on the above UAC dialogue.


Microsoft Technet Article Microsoft Support Article

Applies To

Affected Products/Integrations Alchemex for Accpac Alchemex for Munsoft (CICS) Alchemex for SAP Business One Alchemex for Syspro Alchemex SDK Alchemex Security Manager Alchemex Standard Edition Alchemex Web Solution BI for CRM Pastel Evolution BIC Pastel Partner BIC Pastel Payroll BIC Sage BIC Sybiz Vision BIC VIP BIM