Metabase Version Relevance when Exporting Reports

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The list below indicates the relevance of a given Metabase update between versions with respect to Report Properties. If a report has used any of the newer features in a Metabase update then the report should not be exported using a lower version of Metabase. If a report is being exported to be used in another system then the report should be exported with a Metabase version lower than or equal to the target system.

6.0.0 –

  • Top Rows facility,
  • Password Option for Locking reports

6.0.2 –

  • Clear Optional Ranges on Link,
  • Clear Optional Ranges on Export,
  • VIP field Aliasing (for Softline VIP BIM Only)
  • Blue Print Reporting (for Pastel Auditor 1 only)

6.4.0. –

  • ETL Unit Support (for ETL Manager Only)

6.5.7 -

  • Open XML Rendering (for Alchemex only)

6.7.0 –

  • No new properties Relevance to reports

6.7.1 -

  • No new properties Relevance to reports

6.7.2 -

  • No new properties Relevance to reports

6.7.3 -

  • Lookups for Container Expression Lookups extended from 256 to 65,000 characters