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Welcome to The Sage Intelligence Knowledgebase

Support Check Points!

If you have queries, issues, problems etc. and you wish to get help, please follow the below check points:

  • Search The Knowledgebase: Enter your search term in the search box above. You should be able to find an answer here.
  • Visit Sage Intelligence on Sage City: If you could not find a solution in the Knowledgebase, please visit Sage City at [1] and post your question in the forums.


The Sage Intelligence Knowledgebase is a readily available and up to date repository of articles on how to resolve current and past issues relating to Sage Intelligence. With the aim to promote knowledge sharing across the world and hence empower our users.

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Visit Sage City

To get the most out of your Sage Intelligence Software visit our forums on Sage City [2] where you will find a host of information on Sage Intelligence software, business reporting in Excel, and various support issues. You may find an article, video or discussion thread relating to your query and will have the opportunity to interact online with Sage Intelligence and Excel experts.

Sage Intelligence Support Desk

Have you completed the Check Points?...

Then Sage Intelligence Support Desk is available on Monday and Tuesday (GMT+2) 8 – 17:00, Wednesday & Thursday (GMT+2) 8 – 19:00 (CAT) and Fridays (GMT+2) from 8:00 until 16:00.

To access the Support Desk you may email your questions, comments or problems to Sage Intelligence Support and one of our consultants will respond within 2 hours of receipt during office hours.

Items to be included when raising a Support issue:

  • The detailed steps to recreate the issue accompanied with screenshots
  • The version of the Sage Intelligence software, the version of Microsoft Office as well as the operating system in use
  • If an issue is related to an Excel Report Template then the affected workbook must be attached to the issue

Alternatively, call +27 31 537 7244 to speak to a Sage Intelligence Support Consultant.

Please note the Sage Intelligence Support Desk is second line support for all Sage Intelligence/Sage Pastel/ Sage VIP queries. Please contact the relevant Sage Support Desks directly. Customized reports must be supported by the consultants who wrote them.