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Welcome to The Alchemex Knowledgebase

About Alchemex Knowledgebase

The Alchemex Knowledgebase is a repository of support articles and help files intended to assist users of Alchemex and other software powered by Alchemex, including MyMonthlyReports, Pastel Business Intelligence Centre (for Pastel Partner or Evolution), Pastel VIP Business Intelligence Manager, Sage Accpac Intelligence and Sybiz Business Intelligence Centre.

By simply using the SEARCH function on this page, on the left sidebar, you will gain access to any relevant articles that can assist with your query. The more specific your search keywords, the more accurate the search results. You may then click on the specific article within the search results that matches your search criteria.

Search Alchemex Knowledgebase

Check Points!

If you have queries, issues, problems etc. and you wish to get help, please follow the below check points:

  • Search The Knowledgebase (above), The Chances are you will find your answer here.
  • If you could not find your answer in the Knowledgebase please Visit our BI Community at and post your question in our forum.
  • However, If you do not get your answer after Searching the Knowledgebase and if you have not gotten the answer from the BI Community, Then you can alternatively then contact our Helpdask. (see details below)

Alchemex Support - Hot Topics!

The BI Community

To get the most out of Alchemex Software visit our BI Community where you will find a host of information on Alchemex software, other software products powered by Alchemex, business reporting in Excel, and various support issues. You may find an article, video or discussion thread relating to your query and will have the opportunity to interact online with Alchemex and Excel experts.

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Alchemex Help Desk

Have you completed the Check Points?

Then Alchemex Support Desk is available on Monday to Thursday (GMT+2) from 8:00 until 17:00 and Fridays (GMT+2) from 8:00 until 16:00.

Before logging a call with Alchemex Support, please:

  • Note down the exact text of any error messages, or - even better - take a screenshot.
  • Record exactly what you were doing immediately before the problem occurred, e.g. what menu options you selected, what keys you pressed, what other programs were running on your PC, etc.

To access the Help Desk you may email your questions, comments or problems to Alchemex Support and one of our consultants will respond within 2 hours of receipt during office hours.

Alternatively, call 0861 102 302 (only in RSA) or +27 31 266 9112 (international) and follow the voice prompts to speak to an Alchemex Support Consultant.

Please note Alchemex Helpdesk does not support the Pastel BIC - please contact the Pastel Helpdesk directly. Customized reports must be supported by the consultant who wrote them.