Error: Sybiz - Dashboard Reports 3-3 (SV5) Data provider or other service returned an E FAIL status

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The following is an example of an error that may occur:

  • Depending on the unit price of a sale item when multiplied by the qty it may produce the “data provider or other service returned an E_Fail status error”.

The report will not run


This is somehow related to the no of decimal places produced after the end result of a calculation.

This error will occur in Vision version 7 upwards since the field in these versions was changed from 4 decimals to 8 decimals.

This is the field trade.amtuchg.


Download the latest templates being:

 *Dashboard Analysis 3-4 (SV5)
 *Dashboard Customers 3-4 (SV5)
 *Dashboard Products 3-4 (SV5)

The changes made were as follows:

Wherever the trade.amtuchg field was used in an expression where it was multiplied by a qty then that expression was rounded to 2 decimal places

The expressions affected are GP, SellingPrice, SPIncDisc in both the Dashboard Customers and Dashboard Sales Info containers


  • Dashboard Analysis 3-3 (SV5) and below
  • Dashboard Customers 3-3 (SV5) and below
  • Dashboard Products 3-3 (SV5) and below