Error: Run-time error '91' : Object variable or With Block variable not set

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The following are examples of error messages that may occur:

  • Object variable or With block variable not set


This error happens if the Alchemex.ini file is missing from the applications Program files folder. For the Evolution BIC this is usually the C:\Program Files\Evolution folder. For Alchemex this is the Server folder specified during installation (C:\Program Files\Alchemex\Server by default).


The Pastel Evolution BIC program files, although installed by a seperate install to the Evolution install, are housed in the Evolution folder (usually C:\Program Files\Evolution). If program files are manually deleted without uninstalling the BIC then the windows installer will recreate the files when Evolution is launched. Only program files are recreated, not INI files. Therefore the BIC program files are being recreated at evolutoion launch, but not the Alchemex.ini file, and thus the error is occurring. Uninstalling and then Re-installing the "Pastel Busineness Intelligence Centre" from the BIC folder on the Evolution install disc will usually correct the problem, but customised reports could be lost. Program files should NEVER be deleted other than through running the uninstallation. Remember to always backup your MetaData (alchemex.svd) and Templates file folders before uninstalling.

To avoid the problem when upgrading Evolution none of the BIC files should be deleted. So if evolution is uninstalled before doing an upgrade the remaining files in the Evolution folder, which should just be the BIC files, should not be deleted.

A problem in the Evolution 3.10 uninstall program deletes the entire Evolution Folder, thus deleting the Pastel BIC without uninstalling it. When Evolution is re-installed the BIC is present according to the Windows installer since it was not deleted and it is thus not re-installed. When Evolution however attempts to access the BIC the windows installer attempts to repair the install and recreate the BIC program files. The Alchemex.ini file however is not recreated by the windows installer repair and this causes this error to occur. To prevent this problem, always uninstall the BIC before uninstalling Evolution. If you wish to retain custom reports make sure you backup the BIC Repository folder that contain the alchemex.svd file and Templates folder

Applies to

  • Evolution BIC
  • Alchemex.ini