Error: Export failed due to an unexpected error.

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The error was: Description : File not Found Number : 53 Source : PLInOut


The following are examples of error messages that may occur:

  • Export failed due to an unexpected error.
  • The error was:

Description: File not found Number: 53 Source PLInOut


This error can occur in the Pastel BIC when exporting a union report that uses Union Sub Reports that have templates attached to them.

This error can also occur in Alchemex if the AbsolutePathing option is being used. See the Alchemex.ini Settings for more details on this setting


Since Union Sub Reports Templates are not used when the they are used in a Union report you can work around the problem by Un-Linking the template from the Union Sub Report (not the Union Report itself).

To do this locate the Reports being used as Union Sub Reports, right click on each one and choose "Un-Link Template".

If the Union Sub Reports are hidden reports then you will first need to unhide them by selecting the Home node in the Object Window, right clicking and selecting "Show Hidden Reports".

After Unlinking the templates it should be possible to export the report.


Alchemex have confirmed this to be a bug and will be implementing a fix for it. This fix will be available in the next versions of the BIC to ship with Pastel Partner and Pastel Evolution

Applies To

  • Pastel BIC
  • Alchemex