Error: Accounts and values showing twice when running Income Statements from Management Pack D-2-0 for Pastel Partner 2005 BIC

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The following are examples of error messages that may occur:

  • The following problem may occur when selecting any Income Statement from the Management Pack D-2-0 report in Pastel Partner 2005 BIC: Accounts and values are reflecting twice / being duplicated in the Income Statement.


This problem occurs when there are duplicate rows in Sheet1 (the RawData sheet) of the report, indicating that there are somehow two entries in the LedgerParameters table.


The parameter file is only supposed to have one row. Ensure that the second row does not contain any data (eg. 0.00). Deleting the second row should rectify the problem. This can be checked by opening the LedgerParameters table in Pervasive Control Centre.

Applies To

  • Pastel Partner 2005 BIC Management Pack D-2-0