Error: "ServerPath not set by EXE file" occurs when updating software

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The following are examples of error messages that may occur:

  • ServerPath not set by EXE file


This error can occur when attempting to download Software Updates:

An error occurred attempting to schedule the core updates. The error was: ServerPath not set by EXE file.


Specifically the error occurs with versions of Alchemex prior to version when the update is done from the Start Menu shortcut to the "License and Update Tool" and the core Alchemex application file (Alchemex.exe) or the help file is downloaded. This does not mean that the download failed but rather that the final step of copying from the [Updaterepository] folder to the [Server] folder failed. To workaround the problem manually copy the Alchemex.exe and any CHM files from the [Updaterepository] folder to the [Server]. Make sure that Alchemex is closed when doing the copy and when prompted to replace files choose YES. Note that this error does not occur if the License Manager module is used from directly within the Administrator Tool

Applies To

  • Alchemex License & Upgrade Tool