Consol. Report Designer Add-in by Natural Account comes up with zero value

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Sage 500 ERP


Consol. Report Designer Add-In by Natural Account comes up with zero value in Sage MAS Intelligence for Sage 500 ERP


The Natural Account is placed on a segment of the account other than the 1st segment.

Example: 000-XXXX-000-00 where 'XXXX' is the Natural Account.


  • When creating a report thru Report Designer Add-In, a masking should be placed before the Natural Account. Example: In Excel the value of the Natural Account should show as '???-XXXX'
  • In order to include a masking in front of the Natural Account, use the 'CONCATENATE' feature of Excel
  • To concatenate the Natural Account when the report is in Excel:
  • Click on the 'fx' or Function Argument
  • Select the Category as 'Text'
  • Select Function as 'CONCATENATE', and click on 'OK'
  • Under the Function Argument
  • Enter Text1
  • Enter Text2
  • Click on 'OK'




Sage 500 ERP

Defect ID

DT# 49299