Cloud Troubleshooting - Data Load issue

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Possible Issues:

  • One drive account is not initialised

  • Account workbook is missing or corrupt

  • API failing

  • Internet connection issue

Possible Solutions:

  • Login to the one drive account and follow initialisation

  • Ensure the data structure on ONE drive is correct format, data will be reloaded to one (Sage50c)

  • Run Postman collections, which differs for each integration. Running API call will allow you to identify if the API is failing on the Integration side or Sage Intelligence. API calls can be retrieved from SI developers

  • Ensure all companies are licenced (First line support will be able to check this)

  • Check that the user has access to the company that he is logging into on the ERP

  • Check that the company\companies that the client is logging to is licensed

Please see attached document for screenshot and more examples: Troubleshooting Guide Cloud