BI Sign on has stopped working

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When launching Report Manager an error is received that the BI Sign on has stopped working.


This could be caused by rogue instances of Excel, permissions problems or a corrupted SVD file.


Firstly close all instances of Excel that may be running, confirm this by checking the processes in the Task Manager. Try to launch the application again – if it errors, then move on to the next step below.

Confirm that there are sufficient permissions/privileges to the MetaData folder - an easy way to do this is to try to create a file or folder in the MetaData directory. There must be read/write access.

Else try this

- Go into the application data folder on your machine , and find the folder called Alchemex_(Pty)_Ltd

- If you are using Windows 7 the full path should be :

- C:\Users\UserName.Domain\AppData\Local\Alchemex_(Pty)_Ltd\

- If you are using Windows XP the path should be

- C:\Documents and Settings\<user>\Local Settings\Application Data\ Alchemex_(Pty)_Ltd

- In this folder , please find all folders containing the name BiSignON.exe and delete them .


If neither of these are a problem, the next thing to check is the state of the SVD.

To do this close your application, rename your current MetaData folder, and then restart the application. This automatically creates a new MetaData folder.

If your application now starts without the error, this is an indication that there is something amiss with your existing MetaData folder.

Log a Support call with the relevant ERP Support desk, making sure you send through your original SVD (within the MetaData folder) to be checked by the BI Developers.