Alchemex for MYOB Generic Connector Type

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Due to the vast amount of different MYOB drivers (product and regional); we have developed a “generic” connector type (for MYOB), which ships with version 6.8.237.

The new connector caters for the following MYOB products:

  • MYOB Accounting
  • MYOB Accounting Plus
  • MYOB Premier
  • MYOB Enterprise

In previous builds of Alchemex for MYOB (before version 6.8.237), the user would be asked to select which product (i.e. driver) they needed, only when creating a new metadata set.

Now, with the new connector type, the user need only create one metadata set and, whenever they run any Alchemex module, they will be prompted to choose the appropriate driver along with the necessary MYO file. This setting has also been made available in the Administrator module.

NOTE: The driver list presented to the user will only contain the drivers installed on the user’s machine.