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This build has been specifically created due to the bundling of Alchemex for Accpac on the Accpac installation CDs.

For this bundling, a single free Report Manager license will apply to all users who have upgraded to Sage Accpac 5.4 or 5.5 and later, and are current with support plus.

A single free Report Manger license will be available to 1 workstation only.

This will be controlled via a centralized SVD (Alchemex internal database).

If a client chooses to buy further licenses then the normal serialization process will apply, and a process will be put in place within administration that will make sure that the client then gets the bought licenses plus the 1 free license,

and they will need to follow the standard process for serializing the software as per Alchemex’s standard procedures for activating the software.

When installing and running this new Alchemex for Accpac Edition, the software must first be run from a machine that has Accpac Installed.

Alchemex will determine from this machine’s Accpac installation settings where the Accpac Shared Data Folder is and attempt to create the Metadata (alchemex.svd and Templates)in this folder.

On running the Report Manager for the first time from the chosen workstation, the Select Metadata prompt will occur: -

Alchemex for Accpac

The user must choose the Metadata for their appropriate version of Accpac.

Note that only for Accpac 5.4, 5.5 and greater will the single free Report Manager License apply, for all prior versions the standard 30 day trial license will apply.

The user will then be prompted for the folder to create the Metadata in. This will default to the Accpac Shared Data Folder.

The user should leave this as the default and press OK.

Alchemex for Accpac

The user will then logon to the system via an Autoconnection screen.

Connection details to the Accpac Database will have to be supplied (Either to Pervasive or MS-SQL).

Alchemex for Accpac

Alchemex will determine from the Accpac database the version of Accpac being accessed. This will then determine whether the single free license for Accpac 5.5 applies.

(Alchemex looks for an Accpac 5.4 or 5.5 license file *54AO.LIC or *55AO.LIC).

To identify whether you have invoked Alchemex in this FREE single license mode, the following prompt will be displayed each and every time the user launches the Report Manager.

Alchemex for Accpac

Should the user press the YES button, an email will be sent to the Alchemex Admin department in Durban, South Africa, where the details will be distributed to the relevant point of contact in the respective regions i.e. Australia, Asia etc.

When installing and running on subsequent machines that have Accpac installed then Alchemex will again derive the Accpac Shared Data folder from the installation settings and point itself at the Alchemex Metadata that has been created by the first machine i.e. C:\Program Files\Sage Software\Sage Accpac in most instances.

When installing and running on subsequent machines that have DO NOT have Accpac installed then the user will need to browse to the Accpac Shared Data folder on the network so that it is pointing at the centralized Alchemex MetaData i.e. C:\Program Files\Sage Software\Sage Accpac in most instances.

NOTE: If the single FREE report manager license has been licensed to a machine, all additional licenses that are installed to the central SVD will default to the 30 day trial license.