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Web Solution Security

Alchemex Web Solution does not implement its own security instead Alchemex has a comprehensive security module,the Security Manager,which has been integrated into Alchemex Web Solution.

If security is switched on via the Security Manager,the Web Application will prompt users for a username and password.

This logon information is checked to ensure that the user is valid.

This set of credentials is used to perform security checks as the user performs functions in the system.

Currently if the user logs in with a valid account they will see a list of all the available reports, regardless of whether they have permissions to run all of them or not.

It is only when they run a report that security access to that specific report is checked.

If they have permissions to run the report then the report will continue to run, otherwise they will receive a “Permission Denied” error.

The user will be logged in for the length of the session. The session length is set in IIS, by default it is usually set at 20 min.

Once the session expires they will be prompted to login again.

One way of restricting the reports visible to a user is to create a separate web page which lists only the reports you wish the user to see.

These reports can hyperlink to the parameter page for that report.

To get the URL needed to hyperlink a report directly to the parameter page, from your Alchemex Web Solutions website, browse to the report you want and click on it.

When the parameter page loads in the right hand frame,right click on that frame,select Properties and copy the URL in the Address field.

Use this URL as the hyperlink for your report.

If there are no parameters for the report or if the parameter values will not change then you can bypass the parameter page and the report hyperlink will start running the report directly.

To get the URL to do this, from your Alchemex Web Solutions website, browse to the report you want and click on it.

When the parameter page loads, fill in the parameter values required, now hover over the Run Report button.

You will see the URL required appear as a tooltip. Using this URL will launch the report directly with the parameters specified.