Alchemex Add In Functionality

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Alchemex supplies Add-In modules which are constantly being upgraded.

These modules extend the functionality of Alchemex with Excel.

These Add-In modules are supplied as is and are used at your own risk.

To use the Add-In wizard press the "Add-In Function Builder" button next to the "Run Add-Ins" property of a report.

To make sure that you always have the latest set of Add-In functions available keep your Alchemex software up to date.

The Add-In functions available are self documenting.

For a description of a given function select the function and view the Function Description in the Add-In window.

Alchemex Add In Functionality

Once you have selected an Add -In function you will need to enter parameters for the function. Click the "Fill in Example" button to fill in an example of the parameters required for this function.

An example of this screen is shown below.

Alchemex Add In Functionality

Alchemex supplies Add -Ins that further enhance Excel’s reporting capabilities. These Add -Ins are designed to tackle common problems that come up during reporting. The list of available Add -In Functions is regularly updated so for the most comprehensive list of functions update your software on a regular basis.

To use an Add -In function on a report do the following.

1.Select your report.

2.Place a check in the Show Advanced option checkbox.

3.Press the lookup button next to the Run Add -Ins field.

4.You will be prompted with a box to Select an Add -In function.

5.If none have been specified for the report then a single entry will appear in the selection box as shown below.

Alchemex Add In Functionality

6.Select the [Specify a New Add -In Function] item and press OK.

7.An Add -In function selection screen will appear. Once selections have been made, the screen appears as shown below: -

Alchemex Add In Functionality

8.Start by selecting the Add -In Library

9.A list of Modules for the selected library will then become available in the Select Add -In Library Module drop down box.

10.Select a Module.

11.A list of Add -In functions will then be displayed in the Select Add -In list.

12.To see a description for a Function you can select the function and view the description on the right hand side.

13.Once you have chosen your Add -In function press OK.

14.A screen will appear for specifying the relevant Function Parameters, as shown below: -

Alchemex Add In Functionality

15.Specify your Function Parameters and press OK.

16.The Add -In function should now appear in the reports Run Add - Ins property field. Whenever this report is run the Add -In will now be executed.

To edit the parameters of an Add -In function that has been specified already simply press the Add -In Function Builder button

next to the Run Add - Ins box on your report properties and select the Function that you wish to edit, then follow the same steps as above.

•Add - Ins placed in the "Run Add - Ins" property field will always run before any macros placed in the "Run Macros on Completion" property field.

•Should you wish to have an Add -In run after a macro, then either place the Add -In in the "Run Macros on Completion" property field after the macro name

or, place the macro name in the "Run Add - Ins" property field before the Add -In.