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Please note that you may have to click twice on the Play button. Once to activate the video and the second to play the video.

A. Question When selecting and Excel file to download, it opens the Excel file in your web browser.

Answer You need to change the File Type settings on your computer.

1. Double click on My Computer

2. On the menu bar, select, Tools, Folder Options

3. Select the tab File Types

4. Locate XLS

folder options

5. Select Advanced

6. Ensure you have the below options selected

edit file type

B. Question When I click on the Excel file to download, nothing happens…..

Answer Understanding the Internet Explorer Information bar The Information bar is the place where Internet Explorer displays information about security, downloads, blocked pop-up windows, and other activities. It is located at the top of the webpage.


When you click on the Excel file and you get the above message, click on the message and select “Download File”

C. Question When I select a course and it says I am not enrolled or it asks for an Enrolment Key.

Answer This means the person has not been given access to the course. Contact Support to enroll you in the course.

D. Question Graphics are not showing on the website

Answer Refresh the webpage by pressing F5 Refresh the cache by pressing Ctrl + F5

E. Question Can I see the answers to my questions for the Assessment?

Answer Yes, once you have answered all the questions and select SUBMIT ALL AND FINISH the page will come up, showing if you were Correct/Incorrect

F. Question When I try and download my certificate, it says it can download.

Answer If you are having problems downloading your certificate, it could be due to the fact that you don’t have Internet Explorer 7. Please upgrade to IE 7 (you can use the link) or if you don’t want to upgrade, when downloading your certificate, select SAVE and save it on your desktop.