Adding new Accounts in MYOB

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If new accounts are created in MYOB will these new accounts be included when I run the management pack for this company?


When you run the Management Pack,you will be prompted when any new accounts that have been created in your accounting package are detected.

Thus no new accounts will be left out.

Your new accounts will be added to the lookup sheet, they will be higlighted in green.

You can now use the new accounts wizard to add the new accounts to whatever schedule you wish.

(Add Accounts wizard can be found on the Reporting Tools menu in Excel.)

The Add Accounts function works as follows:

1.Inserts a blank line at the target location

2.Copies the “Copy From Row” (by default this is the row above the insertion row) to the newly inserted row

3.Does a Find and Replace on all the Row references in the lookup sheet so that the new row references the inserted account on the lookup sheet.