Access Control in BIM

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If I have the Administrator Module,can I deny access for a certain users not to have access to certain containers in the Administrator Module.


Don't use BIM but there is a trick that you can use that would limit Container access to specific users by manipulating the Source Containe Join.

Using a Pastel Evolution container as my example.



ON [_bvSTTransactionsFull].[AccountLink] = [StkItem].[StockLink])


ON [_bvSTTransactionsFull].[TrCodeID] = [TrCodes].[idTrCodes])

WHERE '@SYSTEMUSER@' IN ('Fred','Bob')

Adding "WHERE '@SYSTEMUSER@' IN ('Fred','Bob')" to the end of the join will result in ONLY Fred and Bob having access to the contents of the container.

Fred and Bob being the "MSWindows" System USER Names

You could also try WHERE '@WORKSTATION@' IN ('FredsPC','BobsPC') instead

- where FredsPC and BobsPC are the actual system Workstation names allocated to their specific PC's