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Alchemex Web Solution is a revolutionary platform for enterprise wide reporting in Excel. Alchemex Web Solution takes the power of Alchemex to your Intranets and the Internet. This scalable BI offering will change the way you organisations uses and shares information.

You should be considering Alchemex Web Solution if:

  • You need enterprise wide BI (Business Intelligence)
  • You will settle for nothing less than your information in the format you want in Excel
  • You are frustrated with the inflexibility of an existing proprietary reporting solution.
  • You do not have an existing reporting infrastructure
  • You need an easy, cost effective and flexible solution to your reporting problems.
  • You use Alchemex in your Organisation but you want to reach your enterprise through the browser
  • You want to use Microsoft Excel to present and manage your data.

Selection criteria you should use:

  • Integration

Alchemex Web Solution fits in easily with existing software and leverages organisations IT spend.

  • Scalability

Alchemex Web Solution is scaleable to accommodate growth in data volume and number of users

  • Excel

Like millions of users worldwide Excel is your Reporting Platform of Choice