ACCPAC Ageing templates incorrectly ages data

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The following are examples of error messages that may occur:  

  • The data is not being aged in the correct age groupings


This error occurs due to incorrect cell referencing on Sheet 1 of the template.


The following formulae need to be corrected as follows:   Sheet 1 Cell AO1 (Period0): IF(AR2<=Period0,AD2,0) Change to IF(AR2<=Period1,AD2,0)   Sheet 1 Cell AP1 (Period1): IF(AND($AR2>Period1,$AR2<=Period1),$AD2,0) Change to IF(AND($AR2>Period1,$AR2<=Period2),$AD2,0)   Sheet 1 Cell AQ1 (Period2): IF(AND($AR2>Period2,$AR2<=Period2),$AD2,0) Change to IF(AND($AR2>Period2,$AR2<=Period3),$AD2,0)   Sheet 1 Cell AR1 (Period3): IF(AND($AR2>Period3,$AR2<=Period3),$AD2,0) Change to IF(AND($AR2>Period3,$AR2<=Period4),$AD2,0)   Sheet 1 Cell AS1 (Period4): IF($AR2>Period4,$AD2,0) Change to IF($AR2>Period4,$AD2,0)

Applies to

  • ACCPAC Debtors Ageing Template
  • ACCPAC Creditors Ageing Template