.net error when opening reporting trees from report designer

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Sage 50 US desktop

Sage 100

Sage 300

Sage 500

Microsoft office 2016 and 2019


When clicking on edit/add in the reporting tress menu, the user receives the below error:



A Microsoft update to Excel broke .NET functionality thus affecting Sage Intelligence reporting tree functionality.


After extensive testing, we found the customer was using different versions of Excel, and the new update was causing issues within Microsoft Windows.

In some cases an uninstall (using Revo) and reinstall of Excel to the latest version would fix, whilst in other cases the issue would remain. This is due to updates released by Microsoft which corrupts the Windows registry.

In a similar case, we had a customer with the issue persisting. We asked the customer to format (wipe their PC clean) then reinstall windows. This worked. The clean install wiped out all of the corrupted files in the registry, the ERP software and Excel (latest version was installed) this worked without any issues.

Customer's Excel needs to be on the latest version as per screen shot below: