Alchemex Installation made simple

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1. Confirm that Excel is loaded onto each machine that you are going to run Alchemex on

2. Make sure that you have all the necessary network access and user passwords for each machine that you will be installing on

3. Confirm that you will have internet access on each machine

4. Create a shared Alchemex folder on the server


1. Using UNC functionality locate the pre-created Alchemex folder on the server

2. Copy the Alchemex installation CD into this folder, create a sub folder for the installation CD

3. Browse to the installation CD folder and double click on Setup to install Alchemex for SBO on the Server

4. Once installed launch the Alchemex License Manager on the Server

5. Enter your registration details as supplied by Alchemex into each field on this screen

Alchemex Installation made simple

1. Perform Serialisation

2. You will now need to run updates, make sure that the “Enabling Dongle” option is selected

Alchemex Installation made simple

1.Don’t open Alchemex on the Server

2.Install Alchemex onto each workstation as required

3.Once you have installed on each workstation respectively, launch the Alchemex Report Manager and select which license option you wish to allocate to each machine

4.The “main” workstation would typically run the Administrator License and each additional machine the Report Manager and Viewer Licenses

5.Once you select the license type on each machine you will be asked to locate the “Metadata Repository”, this is the Alchemex.svd file located on the server in the shared folder

Alchemex Installation made simple

The Metadata Repository

The Alchemex.svd file contains all of the configurations of the Alchemex Administrator, including all settings and definitions of Connections, Data Containers and Expressions, as well as all standard and customised reports’ setups in the Report Manager.

 Metadata is a set of data that describes another underlying set of data for the purpose of simplifying access to the data. 
 The same Metadata file (Alchemex.svd) on the server is accessed across the network by all workstations, while they use their own DLL and executable files to provide functionality